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Fire District Tax Question Missing on some Ballots

Fremont County Clerk and Recorder Katie Barr says a printing error in ballots resulted in the Cañon City Fire District’s 5-A property tax question not appearing on the ballots in a single Cañon City precinct.   Barr said the 5-A tax question did not appear on the ballot that was mailed out to residents in Precinct 16 which covers a large area of the East Cañon neighborhood.   Those not receiving ballots with the 5-A Fire District tax question live in an area east of 15th Street to Cottonwood and from Central Avenue south to Fremont Drive.

Barr said the error was unintentional that resulted when the ballots were printed by the vendor.   In order to rectify the situation and make sure those voters can cast their vote on 5-A, all of the voters in Precinct 16 will be receiving another supplemental ballot in the mail that includes only the 5-A question.   The supplemental ballot must be returned to the County Clerk’s Office no later than 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 4th.

Barr said it’s important that Precinct 16 voters do not return the supplemental ballot with the original ballot sent by mail.   The supplemental ballot must be enclosed in the separate envelope provided with that ballot.    Voters can mail it back to the Clerk’s Office or deposit the ballot at any of the drop off locations.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Fremont County Clerk’s Office at 719-276-7340.