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Fremont Assessor Secures Clean Property Assessment Audit

The Fremont County Assessor’s Office has once again successfully met state standards for property assessments under an audit of real property, natural resources, and personal property in Fremont County.    The audit was completed by Wildrose Appraisal of Lakewood as part of the 2015 Colorado Property Assessment Study.   The audit included both a procedural audit and a statistical audit.

The procedural audit examined all classes of property and looked at how the assessor develops economic areas, qualifies sales, and performs periodic property inspections.   The statistical audit looked at vacant land, residential property, commercial and industrial properties, and agricultural land.

In ten categories reviewed by the auditing firm they found substantial compliance with standards in the work performed by Fremont County Assessor Stacy Seifert and her staff.   In the section of the audit that examined real estate sales verifications the auditor said “Fremont County appears to be doing a good job of verifying their sales.   There are no recommendations”.

Fremont County Commission Chairman Ed Norden said the annual audit that again had no recommended changes for property assessment procedures and values in the Fremont County Assessor’s Office has become the standard since Stacey Seifert took office in 2007.   He said that Seifert and her staff have produced a clean audit report on property assessments every year she has been in office.