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Medical Marijuana Ordinance Hearing Thursday

The long awaited consideration of an ordinance setting up licensing procedures for medical marijuana facilities in Fremont County comes before the Board of Commissioners for a public hearing this Thursday afternoon.   The Commissioners decided last month that a special meeting would be in order at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 26th in order to allow more public participation in case some people could not get off of work for a morning hearing.

If the Commissioners take action Thursday to adopt an ordinance requiring licensing of medical marijuana facilities, the ordinance would not go into effect until August 1st.     That would allow the county’s Planning and Zoning Department time to prepare forms and paperwork in order to start accepting applications from medical marijuana businesses on August 1st.

Thursday’s hearing deals only with licensing of medical marijuana facilities.   A moratorium on all new medical marijuana businesses was also extended by the Board of Commissioners to August 1st.

Earlier this year the Commissioners adopted a permanent ban on all recreational marijuana licensing.   That ban will not be affected by any action the Commissioners take on regulations governing medical marijuana.

Thursday’s hearing will convene in the Commissioners’ meeting room, LL-3, on the lower level of the County Administration Building.