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Sheriff's Office

Jim Beicker, Sheriff

I want to take this opportunity to welcome the citizens of Fremont County and other visitors to the Fremont County Sheriff's Office official website. I sincerely hope you will easily find the information you are looking for as you explore the many services we provide to the public. Since taking office as Sheriff in January 2003, it has been one of my goals to be more informative to the public through the use of modern technology. To achieve this, we are constantly working to make this website more user friendly and enlightening. Another one of my goals is to implement a strong Community Policing effort throughout the county so that we are more visible and responsive to special needs in all areas. A high level of public satisfaction and input are our greatest assets when we look to expand and improve any area of the Sheriff's Office.

The Fremont County Sheriff's Office has 82 dedicated and professional employees waiting to help you in any way possible. As you visit with us here and meet some of them, I am confident you will see what an excellent team we have to address your needs. Together we will achieve the goal of providing necessary services in our county. I am deeply committed to providing this agency with the tools and resources to be effective and responsive, so at the end of the day, we can say we delivered the best service possible to the people of this county.

This agency prides itself on trust and performance achieved through the setting of goals and the willingness to adapt. New ideas are not only welcome, but a necessity to guarantee our success in the future. I will always seek out and listen to suggestions for improvement and enhancement in the delivery of service to the citizens of Fremont County. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your ideas and suggestions with ways to improve our service to the community. I look forward to the coming years as we work together to make every year better than the one before.


Jim Beicker, Sheriff

Emergency Contact Information

The Fremont County Sheriff's Office requests your assistance in providing and updating information for our Emergency Communications Information. The information we would like to maintain is as follows:

Apartment Complex or Trailer Park Emergency Contact Information To help identify owners, managers, and maintenance personnel.
Business Emergency Contact Information To help identify the owner, security services, and after hours contacts.
Gate Codes Access information for gated businesses, communities and homes.
Live Stock Owner Information To identify owners of animals that have gotten loose from pastures and pens.

This information will be kept secure and confidential.

This program is not part of the Alert Fremont (9-1-1 Phone Alerts) and does not take the place of an emergency 911 call.