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County Manager Reports

August 28, 2018 Report

Date Posted: 
Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A few meetings that I participated in over the last few weeks include the following:

On August 16 we had an “Early Success” conference call for the EPA programs. We will begin our project in October but it was good to hear success stories from other organizations and come up with some ideas on what we can do once our project starts.

On August 16 I attended our monthly Area Managers Luncheon. It was good to meet with the various managers throughout the community and see what issues and successes each of them are having.

On August 21 Commissioner Bell and I attended a CPR Training that was put on by two employees in Fremont County. We are working on getting various employees throughout the county trained in CPR so we can respond to crisis that may come up.

On August 21 a group of us met to discuss the Sobering Center. We are looking at the current use of the center and ways to improve it.

On August 22 we had a Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Meeting. This year the estimated amount given out in scholarships by this group is $24,250.

On August 23 Commissioner Bell, Commissioner McFall and I attended the Colorado Counties Incorporated Mountain District Meeting. We had a good discussion on upcoming proposed legislation and other things that are impacting Colorado Counties.

On August 25 Commissioner Bell, Commissioner McFall, Stacie Kwitek-Russell, Department of Human Services Director, and I attended the Boys & Girls Club Bids & BBQ Event. This organization does so much for the youth in our community and this event was a huge success.