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Clerk & Recorder

Justin D Grantham, Clerk & Recorder

The County Clerk and Recorder is a Constitutional Officer, elected to a four year term. By law and tradition, the clerk is usually the primary administrative officer in most counties.

The Clerk and Recorder is (1) the ex-officio recorder of deeds, (2) Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners, (3) the authorized agent for the State Department of Revenue and is charged with the responsibility of carrying out the state laws relating to motor vehicles, certification of automobile titles and motor vehicle registration and (4) the clerk is Chief Elections Officer for the county. Fremont County Clerk and Recorder records date back to the mid 1880's.

The Clerk has on record real estate titles, deeds of general assignments, documents affecting lands, judgements, and decrees, federal tax liens, recorded general business papers (articles of incorporation), certificates of incorporation, inheritance tax liens and various other documents.

By law, the Clerk is not allowed to do searches on properties.  Title and abstract companies must do the searches. (30-10-101)(2.5)(C)

The County Clerk issues and records all marriage licenses allowed by law.

The Clerk records all DD214 service discharge papers for military people, free of charge. Release of military records: information.

Note: The Clerk and Recorder does not provide forms, you may purchase them at any office supply store.

Clerk to the Board of Commissioners

According to the State Constitution, the Clerk and Recorder is officially responsible for recording all official actions and Minutes of the Board of County Commissioners. The Clerk & Recorder is responsible for processing all liquor licenses that are issued by the Board of County Commissioners for the establishments located in unincorporated Fremont County. The Clerk & Recorder records all Special Meetings, the Board of Equalization meetings in July, and the meetings for the Board of Commissioners. County budgets, county warrants, county expenditures and Board of Equalization meeting records are kept by the Clerk to the Board.

Additionally the Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners department is your contact for unincorporated Fremont County liquor licenses. The Clerk to the Board reviews and processes liquor applications that will be considered by the Board sitting as the Local Licensing Authority. For most commonly asked questions and answers, visit Colorado Department of Revenue Liquor Enforcement Division.

Applications packets are available below or at the Clerk's Office.

Past Clerk & Recorders

  • 2019 - Present: Justin D Grantham
  • 2011 - 2019: Katie Barr
  • 1972 - 2011: Norma Hatfield
  • June 1972 - November 1972: Ann Tipton
  • June 1972 - 1967: Thelma Miller
  • 1947 - 1966: Mary J. McDonough
  • 1933 - 1946: Katherine Komfala
  • 1929 - 1931: Bessie McQuown
  • 1925 - 1928: R.M. Booth
  • 1923 - 1924: Blake Rogers
  • 1919 - 1924: Jonathan Seaman
  • 1915 - 1918: C.A. Linkens
  • 1909 - 1914: L.X. Kohlman
  • 1894 - 1899: Joseph W. Milsom
  • 1890 - 1893: G.R. Cassidy
  • 1886 - 1889: James H. Peabody
  • 1868 - 1885: John Wilson
  • 1866 - 1867: S.W. Cox
  • 1863 - 1865: M.G. Pratt