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Basic Information on Special Mobile Machinery (SMM):

Special Mobile Machinery (SMM) vehicles are of a design commonly used in the construction business. These vehicles, self propelled or otherwise, are not designed to transport persons or cargo over the public highways.

Motor vehicles which have been redesigned or modified with the attachment of SMM (over 500 pounds), and this attachment becomes an essential part of the operation for which the vehicle was intended, will be classified as Special Mobile Machinery.

SMM Registration Exemptions:

SMM Equipment that is titled:

Titling is mandatory for SMM which is constructed on a truck or trailer chassis and is designed and intended to be used over the highway.  The addition of the SMM, either through manufacture or modification, will cause the final vehicle to be classified as SMM.  The body style of the SMM should be that of the chassis on which it is mounted, truck (TK) or trailer (TL).  This category includes complete vehicles which have been redesigned or modified by addition of equipment.

SMM that has wheels mounted directly to the machinery (tar buckets, wood splitters, compressors, etc.) shall be titled as trailers and registered as SMM.

The following documents are required to establish titles for over the highway SMM:


Non-Titled SMM:

Vehicles that run on their own power such as: road graders, back hoes, forklifts, scrapers and front end loaders, etc. are not titled because they are not built on a chassis that is designed and intended to be used over the highway.

SMM Registration Categories:

Equipment mounted on a truck or trailer chassis must be titled and registered.  One of the following documents is required to register all NON-TITLED SMM equipment:

In order to register the equipment properly, you need to know the year, make, model, VIN or serial number, purchase date and purchase price.

Plated SMM:

SMM equipment which is constructed on a truck or trailer chassis that is designed and intended to be used over the highway.

**Note** A vehicle with attached SMM equipment, that transports cargo other than the tools to service the unit, cannot be issued a SMM plate.

SMM Decals:

SMM equipment on tracks or a specifically built chassis for specialized construction jobs.

Power Takeoff Equipment:

Power takeoff equipment will no longer be registered as Tax Class F (SMM).  PTO equipment is defined as equipment that is attached to a motor vehicle and is powered by the motor vehicle that powers the locomotion of the motor vehicle.

The weight and value of all mounted PTO equipment shall be combined with the vehicle weight and value when titling a vehicle on or after July 1, 2010.  Changes to the existing Certificate of Title may be required prior to renewal on or after July 1, 2010.  In those cases where the weight and value of the PTO equipment is being added or removed, the Certificate of Title should be surrendered for correction.

In all cases, the model year of the vehicle, not the PTO equipment, shall be used to determine the model year for taxable value.

This legislation took effect on July 1, 2010.

SMM Proration of Specific Ownership Tax (SOT):

Foreign based (out of state) SMM equipment that work in Colorado will be permitted to pay Specific Ownership Taxes for a minimum of 2 months or a maximum of 11 months during any 12 month period.  Upon payment of fees to the Port of Entry, the owner of the foreign based SMM equipment will receive a DR7014- Specific Ownership Tax Permit Receipt.  No plate, tab or registration will be issued.

The DR7014 will be based on the number of months per year the SMM equipment is located in Colorado and will be administered by the Ports of Entry/Motor Carrier Services.


In order to be eligible for prorated Specific Ownership Tax, the owner must have entered into a written contract to perform a service requiring use of the SMM equipment for which Specific Ownership Tax is required.  The contract must include:


The penalty for failure to pay the SOT is at the minimum $500.00 or twice the Specific Ownership Tax due- whichever is greater.

**Note** If the business is registered with the Colorado Secretary of State or the Department of Revenue, the requirement for a written contract is waived.

To contact the Port of Entry, please call (303) 205-5691.

Visit for additional information.