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Commissioners OK Extension for Ark River Ambulance Station

The Fremont County Board of Commissioners has authorized one more extension to Ark River EMS to complete requirements for their ambulance station near Texas Creek while warning the Ark River Board Chairman that their patience is growing thin.   Ark River was granted a Special Review Use Permit in September, 2013, to build an ambulance station along US Highway 50 west of Texas Creek.  Since then the ambulance company that serves western Fremont County sought and secured a 12 month extension and another six month extension as they deal with complying with state electrical and plumbing as well as county building code requirements.

At the Commissioners’ meeting on September 22nd, Ark River Board President Jay DeMay said the Board of Directors had been waiting for two years for the District Court to rule on a lawsuit brought by members of the Howard Volunteer Fire Department over changes in the organizations by-laws and election of board directors.   DeMay said while fundraising efforts were accomplished, they did not want to spend money on the building until a court decision was made on what he called “the frivolous lawsuit”.

Commission Chairman Ed Norden expressed concern to DeMay that Ark River went ahead and staffed the facility allowing ambulance personnel to live in the building despite the fact that a certificate of occupancy still has not been issued.   The Commissioners voted 2 to 1 to approve another six month extension to allow Ark River to come into compliance with the SRU permit and building regulations.   Commissioner Norden voted ‘No’.   District 2 Commissioner Debbie Bell added her own reservations saying she would not be interested in granting another extension beyond the six months just approved.

The Board of Commissioners also approved the transfer of a Special Review Use permit issued in 2007 to Northwest Fremont EMS for an ambulance garage located along County Road 2 (Tallahassee Road).   The permit was transferred to the Tallahassee Volunteer Fire Department which eventually hopes to take over emergency EMS ambulance service in that area.  Greg Cook of the Tallahassee Volunteers said the former Northwest EMS garage will be used to house a first responder first aid truck, a fire brush truck, and a water tanker.    Cook said the department has also brought the building into compliance with building codes.

In the only other business at the September 22nd meeting the Board of Commissioners approved the 2016 calendars for holiday observances for county buildings.   The action involved adoption of two holiday calendars, one for the buildings with eight hour work days and one for the County Administration and Garden Park buildings with ten hour work days.