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Commissioners & Sheriff to Discuss Humane Society Funding

Following a fifteen minute appeal to the Board of County Commissioners about the financial problems facing the Fremont County Humane Society, County Commission Chair Ed Norden said it’s an issue that needs far more detailed discussion.    Humane Society Executive Director Doug Rae made his presentation to the Board of Commissioners at their November 24th meeting saying that for the first time the Humane Society is seeking across the board increases in funding next year from local government.

The government entities that rely on the Humane Society to take in dogs and cats are the City of Cañon City, the City of Florence, and Fremont County.   Rae said the funding requests for 2016 to those local governments reflect the fact that no one entity will be hit harder than the next.   Rae said “We can’t afford another $60,000 loss.”   He said “We spend thousands more than we have coming in.”   Rae said the Humane Society lost over $100,000 in 2014 and through October of 2015 they have sustained another $45,000 loss.

Rae distributed a report to the Commissioners that showed the Humane Society took in 145 dogs and cats during the ten month period from January through October of this year.   He said another 182 animals running at large were taken in from citizens across the unincorporated areas of the county while the number dogs and cats owned by residents in rural Fremont County that were turned in totaled 223.

Commissioner Norden said that the funding request Rae submitted to the Sheriff for 2016 and the statistical report he provided needs to be sorted out in a face to face meeting that should include Sheriff Jim Beicker.    That discussion has tentatively been set for December 7th.