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Commissioners Unveil New County Logo

The Fremont County Board of Commissioners unveiled a new county logo on December 9th depicting the county’s heritage and tying the logo to the county’s namesake, John C. Fremont.   The Commissioners said the new logo is the result of many attempts at designing the concept over the past two years.

District 3 Commissioner Ed Norden said after Fremont County celebrated its’ 150th birthday in 2011 the Commissioners decided it was time to pursue creation of a new logo that reflected the local heritage.   With the dedication of the John C. Fremont metal sculpture at the entry of Pathfinder Regional Park over a year ago, Norden said the Commissioners sought an artistic design that depicted Fremont surveying the beautiful landscape of the county.

Norden said he recalled when the previous logo was adopted in 1983.   He said while the previous logo depicted several features of Fremont County’s economic base it left out the most important feature that has been the lifeblood of Fremont County—the Arkansas River.

The logo features an image of John C. Fremont surveying the beauty of Fremont County including the Arkansas River, the Royal Gorge, and the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.   Cañon City artist Sharon Conner was commissioned to create the artwork at the center of the logo.   She incorporated the image of the Twin Sisters Peaks near Howard into the new logo.    The final piece of graphic art was completed by Cañon City graphic artist Kristy Gotham.

District 2 Commissioner Debbie Bell said what pleases her about the new logo is that it features an original piece of art instead of relying solely on graphic design.

The Commissioners said the new logo will be introduced gradually over the coming months so that as letterhead and other materials are used the new logo will start to be incorporated.

Canon City artist Sharon Conner (left) stands next to the original piece of art she created for the Fremont County seal and logo. Standing to the right of the artwork is Canon City graphic artist Kristy Gotham who designed the final logo. Commissioners Ed Norden, Tim Payne, and Debbie Bell are pictured next to the new logo.