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Flooding Repairs Force Postponement of Raynolds Paving

Flash flooding from some four inches of rainfall September 12th created scenes like this across a number of county roads in the Penrose area

Plans by the Fremont County Department of Transportation to do paving work on South Raynolds Avenue and Ash Street on Tuesday, September 24th, have been postponed until next spring.    Wet weather had already forced a ten day postponement of the work, but following the heavy rain and flash flooding on September 12th all work has been focused on dealing with flood damaged roads.

The paving work scheduled for Raynolds and Ash will now be postponed to next spring because road crews have several weeks of work to deal with repairs on the flood damaged roads in the Cañon City and Penrose areas.

In addition to repairing flood damage to County Roads 123, 132, and many others around Canon City and Penrose, Road crews have also been dealing with rock slides like this one on Phantom Canyon Road