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Oaths of Office Administered to County Officials

Six officials elected by Fremont County voters took their oaths of office Tuesday morning, January 13th at the County Administration Building. Pictured from left; County Coroner Randy Keller, Sheriff Jim Beicker, Assessor Stacey Seifert, Clerk Katie Barr, Surveyor Matt Koch, and Commissioner Debbie Bell

The long campaign trail that lasted for nearly a year came to a conclusion Tuesday for six elected officials who took their oaths of office in a 9:00 a.m. ceremony at the Fremont County Administration Building.  District Judge David Thorson administered the oath to newly elected County Coroner Randy Keller.   County Surveyor Matt Koch was also sworn into office although he avoided the campaign and election process after the Board of Commissioners recently reappointed Koch as Surveyor to fill the vacancy.

Jim Beicker takes his oath of office from Judge David Thorson as Beicker begins his fourth term as Sheriff.

The other four officials who were sworn in were already serving in office.   Jim Beicker was sworn into his fourth four-year term as Fremont County Sheriff.   Assessor Stacey Seifert begins her third term as Assessor, while District 2 Commissioner Debbie Bell and County Clerk Katie Barr both begin their second four-year terms.

Kathy Elliott, who was newly elected as Fremont County Treasurer, took her oath of office in a ceremony on Monday, January 5th, which was required because of her fiduciary responsibilities as County Treasurer.

County Clerk Barr also issued the oaths of office to the thirteen women who serve as deputy clerks in her office.

Randy Keller is one of the two new county officials taking office. County Treasurer Kathy Elliott was required to take her oath on the first business day of the new year.