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Planning Commission to Consider Airport Overlay Zone

The Fremont County Planning Commission will consider creating a new zone district in the county’s zoning resolution for the purpose of protecting airspace around the Fremont County Airport.   An amendment to add an Airport Overlay Zone District in Fremont County will be considered by the Planning Commission at their October 7th monthly meeting.    Many counties and municipalities already have such overlay zone districts to protect airports from development that may negatively impact airport operations.   The intent of the Airport Overlay Zone is to encourage compatible land uses with the airport, densities, and reducing hazards that may endanger lives and property of the public and aviation users.

The need for an Airport Overlay Zone District has been discussed by county officials for many years but the recently updated Master Plan for the Fremont County Airport completed by Armstrong Aviation Consultants of Grand Junction specifically proposes that the county take the necessary steps to put an Airport Overlay Zone in place around the airport.

The Planning Commission’s agenda also includes consideration of a zone change request from Manufactured Home Park Zone District to Agricultural Suburban Zone District for Fred and Jane Gifford for their property along MacKenzie Avenue in the Four Mile area.   The Giffords want to be able to sell hay and pasture livestock on their five acres but that use is not currently allowed.

The Planning Commission meets at 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 7th, in the Commissioners’ meeting room of the Fremont County Administration Building.