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War Memorial Park Committee

Mission Statement

Made up of members from our community to foster an on-going recognition of veterans and there sacrifices in military service, to a country ,which each made to ensure the freedoms and security of a way of life that we all enjoy today. Our members pay tribute to those who have given the ultimate in service, by honoring the dead they are not forgotten, and will live on forever. We will constantly strive to perpetuate the memory and history of our dead and living veterans. We will express our gratitude to the men and women who continue to pay the price of our nations freedom, as well as advance the understanding of patriotism, service  to God, our country, it’s veterans and their families.

Addendum to War Memorial Bricks

This addendum is to add to the SOP outlining the current procedures used in the sale and display of memorial bricks at the “Leo Sidney Boston War Memorial Park” wall dated July 17, 1997. Panel A will continue to be used for the general public to be recognized for their donation to the Memorial. Bricks on this panel may be purchased for $125 by anyone wishing to contribute to the next phase of the Memorial, which will consist of a Huey, Cobra & two bronze, life size infantrymen. This phase will also include our national motto "In God We Trust".

We are offering a special price for active duty members of the Armed Forces to purchase a brick at $50 to be placed on panel A. Guide lines for inscribing for active duty will be the same as used for Veterans. {Max. 20 characters} per line. General public inscriptions other than their name  will be reviewed by the Veterans Service Office &/or The War Memorial Park Committee. If the inscription is found to be unsuitable the donor will be contacted to make the change or funds will be refunded.