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Planning and Zoning

The Fremont County Department of Planning and Zoning is a service, information and enforcement oriented entity, primarily dealing with land use issues in the unincorporated areas of Fremont County.

Payment Changes

Beginning March 11th, 2019, all apyments will be processed by the Treasurer's Office. The Planning and Zoning Office will no longer be taking any forms of payment.

Current Projects

10th Amendment To The FCZR
BOZA 19-002 Mosher
LLA 19-001 Mosher
MIP 14-001 Thressor, LLC 2019 Renewal
MS 18-003 Woodard
MS 19-002 F&M
OPC 14-004 Thressor, LLC 2019 Renewal
OPC 14-009 Golden Meds, LLC 2019 Renewal
OPC 14-011 Pure Medical 2019 Renewal
TUP 19-002 Howard Creek Farm
TUP 19-003 FAR Royal 50 Race
ZC 18-002 Fremont Resort & RV Club
ZC 19-001 Royal Gorge Ranch and Resort

Current Marijuana Licensing Projects

  • No current projects

Agency Referral List

Fremont County Marijuana Ordinance

Medical Marijuana Business Licensing Regulations

Medical Marijuana Business Licensing Application

Ordinance Banning Marijunana Consumption Club Facilities

Ordinance Regarding Retail/Recreational Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Meeting Agenda

No Pending Meetings.

Care Giver Registration Form and allowable plant count

Planning and Zoning Quarterly Report

Code Enforcement Quarterly Report