Fremont County Planning & Zoning Department

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Matt Koch
Planning Director

Marshall Butler
Planning Coordinator

Ernie Martinez
Land Use Technician

Robert Sapp
Code Enforcement Officer

Sean Garrett
Code Enforcement Officer

Fred Gifford
Code Enforcement Officer

Sam Kozacek
Planning Assistant

Tanya Fleming
Planning Assistant

Fremont County Engineer
Don Moore
(719) 276-7367
Cell (719) 539-8866
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Subdivision Regulations

The Planning and Zoning Department provides information regarding the Fremont County Subdivision Regulations, which includes:  

  • Major Subdivisions - The creation of four or more lots from an existing parcel of land (includes Sketch Plan, Preliminary Plan and Final Plat applications).
  • Minor Subdivisions - The creation of two or three lots from an existing parcel of land that has not been previously subdivided.
  • Lot Line Adjustments - Minor adjustment of lot lines between two or more adjoining platted lots.
  • Boundary Line Adjustments - Minor adjustment of property lines between two adjoining metes and bounds legally described properties.
  • Vacation of Interior Lot Lines - The elimination of one or more platted lot lines.
  • Vacation of Public Rights-of-Way and/or Platted Easements - The elimination of platted roadways and or easements that are not in use and determined to now be detrimental to a neighborhood.
  • Correction Plat - Technical correction to a subdivision plat that has been recorded.
  • Variance to the Fremont County Subdivision Regulations
  • Planned Unit Development - Subdivision portion.
  • Site Specific Development Plan - Vested property right in conjunction with a subdivision.
  • Street Design Criteria - The entire spectrum of designing and building roads in Fremont County.
Zoning Resolution

Zoning ResolutionThe Department provides information regarding the Fremont County Zoning Resolution, which includes:

  1. The zoning classification of properties
    • Land uses allowable in each zone district
    • Development requirement in each zone district (such as setbacks, lot coverages, building heights, etc.)
  2. Zoning related procedures
    • Zone Change Applications
    • Conditional Use Permit Applications
    • Special Review Use Permit Applications
    • Temporary Use Permit Applications
    • Application for Non-conformance
    • Board of Zoning Adjustment Applications
  3. General Zoning Items
    • Off-street parking
    • Non-conformance
    • Home Occupations
    • Buffering and Landscaping
    • The department provides code enforcement for violations of the Zoning Resolution that can be filled out and mailed, faxed or delivered to the department.