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April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month

Joining a national effort to raise awareness about this important issue, the Fremont County Commissioners proclaimed April 2017 as Fremont County Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month during the regular Board meeting on Tuesday, March 28.

Mick Stumph of the Fremont County Department of Human Services appeared before the Board to read the proclamation and ask for Commissioner support.

“We must come together as partners to keep children safe, ensure that the voices of our children are heard by all, and extend a helping hand to children and families in need,” the proclamation reads in part. “Children are key to Fremont County’s future success, prosperity, and quality of life. While children are our most precious resource, they also are our most vulnerable.”

Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month also will be celebrated with two simultaneous events at 5:30 p.m. Friday, April 7. The entire community is invited to either the Macon Plaza event in Cañon City or the Rialto Theatre event in Florence. Commissioners Tim Payne and Dwayne McFall will read the proclamation at Macon Plaza, while Commissioner Debbie Bell will present the document in Florence. Child welfare workers and others also will attend the events.

The Department of Human Services has brightly-colored blue and silver pinwheel gardens available to businesses and homes to celebrate the month, as well. For more information call DHS at (719)275-2318.