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Detention Center Renovations Complete

BEFORE: The kitchen space at the Fremont County Detention Center before renovation.

AFTER: The kitchen space at the Fremont County Detention Center after renovation.

Commercial laundry facilities replaced old, worn-out appliances at the Fremont County Detention Center. Photos courtesy Sarah Mattot, Cañon City Daily Record

New kitchen and laundry facilities at the Fremont County Detention Center have replaced worn-out, 30-year-old appliances, plumbing, and more.

The renovations, at a cost of about $2.5 million, were paid for by the voter-approved sheriff’s sales tax. During the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Feb. 3, Sheriff Jim Beicker specifically thanked the voters for their support.

Undersheriff Ty Martin was instrumental as county project manager in seeing the renovations to completion. Overseen by general contractor Nunn Construction of Colorado Springs, the project included demolition to the dirt and then all new flooring, some new walls, plumbing, refrigeration, new appliances, and commercial laundry facilities. The space was expanded to make room for the processes necessary for the safe and secure operation of the detention center.

Renovations were required because standing water had destroyed much of the flooring and caused mold and rust problems throughout the kitchen. Many of the appliances were worn and unable to keep up with the demand to feed up to 230 inmates three times a day. In addition, thousands of pounds of laundry are cycled through the jail each day.

Sheriff Beicker also thanked the City of Florence, which provided kitchen facilities, and the Colorado Department of Corrections, which provided laundry services during renovations.

The Sheriff and his staff now are making preparations to update the jail security systems including cameras, doors, and control rooms.