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Officials Meet with Colorado Attorney General

Four Fremont County elected officials met with Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and members of her staff to discuss addiction issues in rural communities. The Feb. 7 meeting also included other community leaders from the court system, treatment agencies, and medical personnel.

General Coffman said they were on a “listening tour” and asked to hear local concerns and successes surrounding addiction, particularly the rise in opioid and other prescription addiction.

Sheriff Jim Beicker, who organized the meeting, said the Fremont County Detention Facility works closely with the state to provide treatment to offenders beginning during incarceration, and then moving that treatment into community-based agencies. He also described the use of new treatments to save lives and said the protocols, including Narcan, have saved at least six people locally.

County Coroner Randy Keller said his office deals with the end result of serious addiction. He is seeking to help reverse that trend.

County Clerk and Recorder Katie Barr said she has a general interest in addiction issues. She attended to offer her assistance in the ongoing efforts.

County Commissioner Debbie Bell described the current ongoing efforts to bring some sort of detoxification facility to Fremont County. She said the collaboration is an uphill battle, because although the facility would save time, funding, energy, and resources, ultimately similar services around the state are closing.

General Coffman and her staff took copious notes and pledged to work with agencies and organizations on local initiatives, rather than try to push through new statewide programs. She said she was pleased to see the community working together strategically to address the local issues.